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Load bearing structure repair by reinforced concrete at Mirthios village square

The project is the repair of the load bearing structure by reinforced concrete at Mirthios village square.


The construction consists of reinforced concrete slab on beams and columns with foundation strip footings.


The damage of construction is extensive, with sharp cracks of the coating, mainly in beams and columns, which were caused because of the low quality concrete, insufficient coating of the reinforcement and of course the age of the construction (30 years).


For the repair of the columns the installation of an approved type of fixed scaffolds for safe work is required. Then the deposition of cracked concrete and disclosure of oxidized reinforcement will follow.


The cleaning of the revealed reinforcement, will be strictly done only by using sandblasting.


Then follows the cathodic protection of the reinforcement in two phases, with coated cement and spray corrosion inhibitor.


The cleaning with water-blasting and re-application cementitious, comes after. The restoration of concrete sections and the sufficient coating is achieved simultaneously by the use of repair mortar.