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Improvement and remodeling of public spaces of Arkadi settlements

In this project the execution of rehabilitation work is planned in the settlements: Loutra – Mesi – Harkia – Skouloufia and Ancient Eleftherna.


-IN THE SETTLEMENT OF LOUTRA: Paving of the main street of the old village with slabs “MALTA” type, according to the study requirements.


-IN THE SETTLEMENT OF MESI: Paving of the square with domestic irregular slabs, construction of stone built, construction of concrete floor, lighting of the intervention areas and the creation of a ramp.


-IN THE SETTLEMENT OF HARKIA: Paving public areas with domestic irregular slabs, masonry structures from local stone, walkway construction for people with disabilities, creation of planting areas.


-IN THE SETTLEMENT OF SKOULOUFIA: Paving public areas with irregular slabs, and create access ramp to the square for people with disabilities, etched asphalt construction, masonry construction, lighting of the intervention  areas  and wooden housings for litter bins.


-IN THE SETTLEMENT OF ANCIENT ELEFTHERNA: Landscape of the main road to the Antiquities with paving and construction of walkway for people with disabilities, tarmacking, stone-built construction and creation of planting areas, as well as wooden housings for litter bins.